A Change of Plans

Our original plan was to premiere live performances of Ankh during 2020. As you can imagine, those plans went out the window.

While we’re in the global holding pattern related to COVID-19, we’re working with our science and medical advisors along with our artistic team to determine a safe way in which to make a series of short films during 2023-2024.

From a positive perspective, working on Ankh during a pandemic has helped all of our artists to incorporate new technology into their creative flow.  This is by no means meant to minimize the horrible situation that many people find themselves in throughout our world.  What it is meant to do is reinforce that storytelling and art are an important part of our lives and that artists have always adapted and thrived as times have changed.  And by extension, humanity has adapted to change.

We’re confident that our world will come through COVID-19 stronger than we went into it because it’s forced us to focus on who and what is important.

Ultimately Ankh will be a live performance.

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