ANKH IS ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic ideograph meaning | Life.

In the context of this project, it’s the story about Civil Rights on a Human Scale as told through the eyes of two friends, Shelly Traction” Jones and Scott “Splinter” Owens, with the philosophy that it takes one person to make a change and two to start a revolution.


Ankh is the story of Traction and Splinter, two friends who see the world very differently. Traction believes there’s a future, while Splinter dwells on what was.

It’s based on the lessons learned by Tom Libertiny’s multi-year listening tour and inspired by Rachel Andresen.

Ankh Traction
ANKH Live || Traction
Concept, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches || Tom Libertiny
Ankh Splinter
ANKH Live || Splinter
Concept, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches || Tom Libertiny

Concept, Writer, Designer, Director  |  Tom Libertiny
Visualization Artist  |  Daria Zhestyreva
Graphics Designer |  Sanzi Popa



Vocals (Splinter) | Javier Yuch
Vocals (Traction) | Millicent Chimonyo (Lead and backing vocals), Tara Louise (backing vocals), Carolina Padron (backing vocals)
Guitars | Giacomo Pasqualim (Little Lies), MK (Little Lies), Greg Ayers (Wild Jackass)
Piano and Keyboards | Roxane S (Little Lies), Luca Longoni (Little Lies), Boh Cooper (Wild Jackass)
Bass, Keyboards, Guitars, Strings | Tom Libertiny
Drums | John “JR” Robinson (Wild Jackass), Glenn Welman (Little Lies)


Produced by | Tom Libertiny
Music by | Tom Libertiny
Lyrics by | Tom Libertiny (Little Lies, Wild Jackass) and Caroline Six (Wild Jackass)
Mix Engineers | Patrick Phillips (Little Lies), Jason Groves (Wild Jackass)
Mastering Engineer | Sangwook “Sunny” Nam