Inspiration || People

Earlier, we talked about the Concept of ANKH | Life as it relates to our project.

Here’s one of the inspirations behind the concept to help give our project context.



Concept || Tom Libertiny Graphics Designer || Sanzi Popa

In 1951, Rachel Andresen, a widower in Michigan, founded Youth for Understanding.

“It’s impossible to hate someone (or a country) when one actually knows and understands [them] on a family and community level.”  |  Rachel Andresen

And with that, Andresen started hosting German children in Michigan a mere decade after the end of World War II.

Andresen died in 1988 at the age of 81 and was inducted into the Michigan Women’s Hall of Fame in 1991.  And thousands of people across the world are indebted to her vision of how people can learn to live and thrive together.


Her worldview of knowing thy neighbor and actively understanding them is one of the inspirations for ANKH.

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