Ankh || Differences

In the story of Ankh, the characters of Shelly “Traction Jones and Scott “Splinter Owens start in the same place — poverty.

It’s the cards that they were dealt at birth.

But how they initially approach life is very different.

How Different?

Ankh | Scott “Splinter” Owens

Splinter is all hard edges. As you can imagine, the rock music he sings doesn’t pull any punches. He says what’s on his mind.

This is reflected in the first song we released for him: Wild Jackass.

Ankh Splinter
ANKH Live || Scott “Splinter” Owens
Concept, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches || Tom Libertiny
Ankh | Shelly “Traction” Jones

Meanwhile, Traction sees people in a positive light. That’s not to mean she’s a pushover. She does have an attitude. But her soul and giving heart are reflected in her upcoming Funk/R&B song Left and Right.

Ankh Traction
ANKH Live || Shelly “Traction” Jones
Concept, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches || Tom Libertiny


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