Traction || Introduction

Shelly “Traction” Jones is an eternal optimist.  Born into poverty, through sheer willpower she starts Bottled Sunrise, a small business that sells clothes she’s designed and sewn from discarded materials she finds in landfills and on her many dumpster diving adventures.

  • Discarded clothes from big box stores.
  • Old towels and linen that are about to be thrown away by the hotels where she works to make a living.
  • Corn husks and other organic cellulose material become purses.

She carefully deconstructs it all and creates fashionable clothes.


At first, only her friends are interested and supportive. But after working steadily to create affordable fashion, her first full line takes off and she begins to assemble a team of seamstresses in an old factory to help her keep up with the increasing demand for her clothes.

Ankh Traction
ANKH Live || Traction
Concept, AI Prompt Engineer, Retouches || Tom Libertiny
Ankh Traction
ANKH Live Concept
Concept  || Tom Libertiny
Visualization Artist || Daria Zhestyreva

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