Concept of Ankh

The concept for ANKH started with Tom Libertiny in 2017 about Civil Rights told on a Human Scale.

It’s based on the lessons he learned from his multi-year listening tour.


Our story is an interactive one.  Everyone is part of our show.

It starts with the story of Traction and Splinter, two friends who see the world very differently.  Traction believes there’s a future, while Splinter dwells on what was.


This is a story that we’ve all witnessed and are often a part of.  The comfort of the past calls.  But making our world a better place can be uncomfortable.

Ankh Concept Concept | Tom Libertiny Visualization artist | Daira Zhestyreva
ANKH Live Concept
Concept  || Tom Libertiny
Visualization Artist || Daria Zhestyreva
ANKH Concept
Concept  || Tom Libertiny
Photography  || Imthaz Ahamed

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